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What you definitely need to know about Domain names

By: Ljuben Georgiev

Domain names are a way to showcase your business online. They serve as the brand people will remember and enter in their web browsers to access your website. Learn more about the domain names here.

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A domain name basica…

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Web hosting Services and Domain names

By: Nicholas Tan

Choosing an appropriate domain name is very important. First and foremost, when it comes to domain names, try to stay away from the silly, stupid, ridiculous or clever. Keep your domain name simple and make it something your customers can remember if they lose the link to your …

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Brandable Domain Names - How It Works

By Edmund Brunetti

When a new business is looking to make a splash online, they must get several things right. They need to ensure the products and/or services they are offering will help them stand out in the market. They also must ensure they are pricing these products or services at the ri…

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The Domain Name Aftermarket

When you try to register a domain, you'll often see that the name you want is already taken. Unfortunately, with hundreds of millions of people on the Internet, and tens of thousands of domains registered every day, the domain that you want is usually long gone by the time you get to it. However…

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A Brief History of Top Level Domains

To understand how domain names came to be, we should take a brief glance a few decades prior to its creation. It can be said that the Internet began in the 1950s when electronic computers were created and the ability to have rapid and centralized communication was desired.

In the late 1960s, …

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